Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale

With these dark days (and nights) of wet and windy weather, thoughts may turn to more exotic and sunnier climates. Like Honolulu, for example. Yes, today’s little aperitif comes all the way from Five-0, the 50th state of the United States of America. Think Jack Lord and aloha. It’s 5.9% abv and has a bitterness level of 35 IBUs.
It poured a deep copper colour with good carbonation and an off-white head. The aroma was promising: lots of classic citrus notes, a little toasted malt and a touch of honey, perhaps. The flavour profile follows on from this with a good balance of sweet malts, strong citrus overtones and a slight perfumed, floral muskiness. Cascade & Mt Hood hops do their job to deliver a palate cleansing bitterness in the final swallow.

Tyson says: Good crisp, fresh-tasting, flavours make this very drinkable. Book ‘em, Danno.


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