Breakfast Beer Tasting: Meantime Chocolate Porter

Another dark winter morning. Time to sit in front of an open fire and gently roast your chestnuts. Or, in my case, sit huddled round an old candle for warmth and pray someone has a farthing for the meter. Either way, it’s dark, winter beer time. Or perhaps not as chocoholics like to get their fix anytime they can and I believe this is available all year round.
It’s a 330ml bottle and a hefty 6.5% in alcohol. So I was expecting quite a heavy, roast little number. It poured a dark-chestnut brown with reasonable carbonation and a light-tan head. The aroma was rich in cocoa: much less roast than I was expecting and a definite waft of dark dried fruit. Overall more balanced and fuller than a lot of this style.

This balanced approach followed through into the beer. It was medium-bodied and hid the alcohol well. It starts off smooth and instead of building into a roast bitter flavour; the main impression is of milk chocolate. There is also a little vanilla and more dried fruits at the back of the throat. This is quite a surprise package as the temptation must be to go overboard and a beer like this can easily become sickly.

Tyson says: Pleasant and easy drinking: particularly given the strength. This should please both
the choc fans and the casual drinker.


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