Breakfast Beer Tasting: Thwaites Triple C

Today’s, hopefully, zesty delight is another in Thwaites Craft Dan range that is aimed squarely at the craft connoisseur. The aficionado. The beer geek. Do they mean us? I think they surely do. Anyway, this is an interesting one as it’s a new take on a very successful cask beer. Triple C has been a smash hit on the pumps  and at only 4.2% quickly established itself as one of the best session beers around. Now that only uses Cascade while this version uses Citra, Chinook and Centennial.
It’s a 330ml bottle and is 5.3%. It is definitely a Pale Ale with no other type of malt used. It poured steady with good carbonation and a bubbly white head. And hooray, it is golden as advertised. The aroma is very promising: pithy lemon, grapefruit and gooseberry. It’s fairly light on the palate with good, clean grapefruit and lemon flavours dominating over the slight malt backbone. The tart citrus fruit lingers on into the finish.

Tyson says: Very drinkable. Crisp and fresh from start to finish.


Phil said…
Are you sure the cask version is Cascade-only? The name implies three hops (beginning with C), after all.

Sounds good, but damn those 330 ml bottles! A pint - or failing that 500 ml - is what a beer like that needs. (Whereas Crafty Dan itself, now available in 500 ml bottles at Sainsbury's, would have worked well in 330 ml.) I blame BrewDog (as usual).
Tyson said…
Triple C in cask is definitely all Cascade. The triple C bit comes from the three stages of brewing when Cascade is added. This is a ciompletely diffeent beer. To add to the confusion, though, Thwaites did bottle the original Triple C .

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