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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kona Pipeline Porter

It’s time for a quick trip across the Atlantic once again this morning. Kona are one of the American craft brewers that you can be fortunate enough to increasingly come across on this side of the pond either on draught or packaged in bottle or can. The brewery is located in Kaliua-Kona, Hawaii and was started by Cameron Healy and Spoon Khalsa in the spring of 1994. They are more known for their pale ales and IPAs over here, but this is a journey to the dark side with one of their seasonals.
It’s a 12oz bottle and is 5.3%. The not-so-secret ingredient here is the 100% Kona coffee grown at Cornwell Estate on Hawaii’s Big Island. It poured dark brown with a medium-sized tan head. The aroma was quite strong: roast malt, hazelnut, dark chocolate and yes, coffee. These flavours carry on into the taste and are joined by a faint smoky hue. The coffee starts to really build in the finish and leaves a roast coffee bean aftertaste.

Tyson says: This didn’t really float my canoe. It became too unbalanced too quickly and became too hard to drink.

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