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Tiny Rebel@PSBH

The latest meet the brewer event at Port Street was with Newport’s very own Tiny Rebel Brewery. Yes, we were all thinking  Gavin & Stacey. And so it proved in that it was a very fun and genial evening but, sadly, “what’s occurring” never cropped up once. Tiny Rebel is Gareth Williams and his brother-in-law Bradley Cummings, two sickeningly young guys who have actually gone out there and accomplished many a beer geek’s dream: open a brewery. Like many of their modern brethren, they were keen homebrewers and being mechanical and electrical engineers by trade, they had the perfect backstory for opening a brewery in 2012.
What’s in a name? Well it’s rather self-explanatory, isn’t it? Coming from somewhere not renowned for beer choice (Brains or, erm, Brains) they were looking for something that encompassed their philosophy. Hence Tiny Rebel. Retro beers with a modern twist. Actually, if I was paying attention, I think they pinched the name off Gazza’s brother who was working for a fam…