Craft Not Dead Shock

The news some time ago that Wetherspoons were to slash the price of their Sixpoint American craft cans was greeted in some quarters with knowing nods and “I told you so” homilies. Spoons shouldn’t be selling craft beer and certainly not craft canned beer. What were they thinking? No hipster would be seen dead in a Spoons, right? And craft is for the crafteratti and not for the plebs, after all. Sadly for the doomsayers, it seems the end is not nigh just yet. While sales in some regions have struggled to match London volumes, Wetherspoons have felt confident enough to reorder them. Learning their lessons, it’s not as many as last time and the starting price will be lower to encourage faster take up. So mainstream craft is officially not dead. Or not yet, anyway. Let’s see how this plays out in part two.

In the meantime, look out for the remainder that expire around September to be reduced to 99p. Why not put a tiger in your tank? 


Curmudgeon said…
They got the initial pricing wrong, but at £1.99 it's a good deal. And I think they're now available as part of the inclusive meal deals.
Tyson said…
Yes, £2.69 for a can that size wasn't tempting enough. With the meal deal and the new pricing, I think they'll see steady growth.

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