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The Slippery Slope Floor

The landlord of a local CAMRA award-winning hostelry has taken the unusual step of removing the drip trays from his pumps in order to minimise wastage. The idea, as explained to me, is that staff will be more careful and pull a better pint if there is no tray to catch any excess. The claim is that 15-35 pints a night are being wasted which impacts on the quarterly profit margins; which the under-pressure manager, naturally, wants to maximise. Unfortunately it seems to have had the side effect of creating beer puddles on the floor that require bar towels to help soak them up. This iniative seems to have been taken at his own behest and I’m not sure a pubco would sanction such a potential safety hazard these days. The staff have apparently signed waivers in that regard but you can’t sign away your rights that easily and it would only take one accident to bring the house down. It doesn’t seem very sanitary to me, either, and although there is a tray available for “lively” beers, I think …

No Smoking In The Garden

It takes a particularly interesting news item to rouse me from my cheap-can induced Wetherspoons stupor. But one such item this lunchtime did get me to raise my head from the sticky, as yet uncleaned, table. The Barbacoa restaurant in Crosby, Merseyside has apparently become the first in the UK to ban smoking in their beer garden. Owner Gordon Tartt explained why he took the decision: “Customers were complaining that the outside of the restaurant was becoming an al fresco smoking lounge, so we’ve created a place where people can eat and drink in a smoke free environment.” Apart from a lot of free publicity for the restaurant, the move has earned it an award from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Rewarding it with a Clean Air Award, Melody Holt, tobacco control manager at the RCLCF, said: “This is the first smoke free beer garden that we’re aware of and we would encourage other establishments to follow their lead. We believe it’s really important that when people step outside for f…

And The Craft Came Tumbling Down

The Sixpoint can price crash in Wetherspoons has started. Well in certain outlets, anyway. If the sell by dates are the end of July, chances are that your local will have already started selling them off for 99p. Grab ‘em while you can. (    (1)No cans were harmed in the building of this wall. It is for illustrative purposes only and should not be attempted by non-professionals (2)The daily alcohol unit guidelines may have been exceeded in this exercise. If worried, have a drink and forget about it. (3)There may be a dichotomy in the evangelism of spreading the craft gospel and the actual reality. Try to smile nonchalantly when you discover that the old soaks that normally drink John Smiths have already supped all the Bengali Tiger.

American Beer Tasting@PSBH

Tuesday evening saw Port Street Beer House kick off its annual American Beer Festival with a tutored beer tasting. Held upstairs by none other than Jeremy Strull, co-owner of Manchester speciality beer emporium Beermoth. Jeremy, a Kansan native, was the perfect host for such an event as he has vast experience in this particular field. Not that he’s a slouch in others; the first part of the talk was given other to how his beer journey began and how he got to where he is now. It’s a journey that encompassed Chicago, Belgium, Holland and, erm, Cains.  Anyway, all the beers were interesting and, as a bonus, all new to me
Jack’s Abby Jabby Brau

A 4.5% lager from the Massachusetts brewery that’s specialises in brewing lager. A classic Pilsner base given a twist with locally grown hops for aroma but keeping the bitterness down to an even-tempered 20 IBU. Clean and crisp. Any bitterness soon dissipates to give a refreshing, perfect for summer, session ale.
Stillwater Stateside Saison This is a…