And The Craft Came Tumbling Down

The Sixpoint can price crash in Wetherspoons has started. Well in certain outlets, anyway. If the sell by dates are the end of July, chances are that your local will have already started selling them off for 99p. Grab ‘em while you can.
(    (1)No cans were harmed in the building of this wall. It is for illustrative purposes only and should not be attempted by non-professionals
(2)The daily alcohol unit guidelines may have been exceeded in this exercise. If worried, have a drink and forget about it.
(3)There may be a dichotomy in the evangelism of spreading the craft gospel and the actual reality. Try to smile nonchalantly when you discover that the old soaks that normally drink John Smiths have already supped all the Bengali Tiger. 


RedNev said…
I'll have to grow my goatee first.
Cooking Lager said…
99p, Yeh!

Pity if the bengali has gone, that was the best one.

what's the betting the next foray into craft is keg taps of shipyard pale ale from Marstons?
Tandleman said…
Think they do that already in some places Cookie. S'all craft though. Innit?

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