No Smoking In The Garden

It takes a particularly interesting news item to rouse me from my cheap-can induced Wetherspoons stupor. But one such item this lunchtime did get me to raise my head from the sticky, as yet uncleaned, table. The Barbacoa restaurant in Crosby, Merseyside has apparently become the first in the UK to ban smoking in their beer garden. Owner Gordon Tartt explained why he took the decision: “Customers were complaining that the outside of the restaurant was becoming an al fresco smoking lounge, so we’ve created a place where people can eat and drink in a smoke free environment.”
Apart from a lot of free publicity for the restaurant, the move has earned it an award from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Rewarding it with a Clean Air Award, Melody Holt, tobacco control manager at the RCLCF, said: “This is the first smoke free beer garden that we’re aware of and we would encourage other establishments to follow their lead. We believe it’s really important that when people step outside for fresh air, that’s what they should get rather than clouds of smoke. The dangers of passive smoking are well-known.”

Being the first guarantees that the Barbacoa will be generating several opinion pieces in the next few days. And it certainly won’t be a popular move with the usual suspects. Even though they have allocated smokers a smoking-zone out front. But most people won't be bothered and can anyone really believe that this is anything other than the beginning of a growing trend? 


Séan Billings said…
Let the market decide, as they say.

It's their business and if they want to ban smoking on their property, let them. People who don't like the policy can and no doubt will, go elsewhere, while those seeking a smoke free beer garden will become patrons.

As long as there isn't a coercive authority forcing business owners to do this I see no problem.
Patrick Hallworth said…
But why introduce it in the first place? It's another attack on the smokers right to enjoy a LEGAL substance. Where do you expect them to go? Or do you want them to stay at home like many do now?
Séan Billings said…
They can and will go to another pub allowing the nonsmokers to enjoy their smoke free beer garden.

Then the long cold winter will come along and the pub owner can look out at his nice empty smoke free beer garden.
Curmudgeon said…
It's entirely the licensee's right to decide - as it should be inside the pub too
Cooking Lager said…
If a pub discriminates legally against some members of the community, whether it be a ban on smoking in legal areas, football shirts, trainers, looking like Neil from the young ones, wife beater vests, under 21s can it still be an asset of community value?

The exclusion of members of the community would suggest not.
RedNev said…
I wrote a post on the same story and got the identical head-in-the-sand comment from Curmudgeon. This is the next line of attack against smokers, and he - the smokers' champion - still bangs on about licensee's choice, an argument that was lost 7 years ago.
Tyson said…

Indeed. Except in some quarters it rumbles on.
amy said…
Very true and agreed it should be banned there,

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