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Monday, 11 August 2014

Breakfast Beer Tasting: Grain 3.1.6

This morning’s wake me up before you go-go is Grain’s 3.1.6. They’re from Norfolk and although we don’t see much of them in these here parts, I’ve heard good things about their beers. This has been recommended as a summer supper (as in supping) and it comes in a 330ml bottle and is a mere 3.9%. The twist here is it is brewed using lager malt. Anyway, it poured a pale golden with a fair sized fluffy white head and good carbonation. The aroma is digestive malt with lemon and a slight floral tang. Taste wise, it was quite dry and refreshingly fruity. Orange and lemon come through with perhaps a bit of lychee and a slight grassiness. A nice crisp finish wraps the package up nicely. 

Tyson says: Perfect summer refreshment

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