Meanwhile Elsewhere In London

The Craft Beer Co have big plans to conquer the world one postcode at a time. Their latest outlet situated at the corner of High Holborn and Endell Street seems designed to bring quality beer to the thirsty patrons of theatre land. The famous Shaftesbury Theatre is close by but then again, so is the Cuban Embassy and I’ve heard those lads like a drop or two of craft beer as well. Either way, it’s in a great spot for a mini-crawl encompassing the Holborn Whippet and the Cross Keys. Inside it’s what you’d expect: lots of nice wood, mirrors and shiny taps. It’s very small (location, location, location) basically just one narrow corridor of a pub with a larger lounge area downstairs. No surprises that the beer selection is excellent with a dazzling draught choice and a carefully chosen bottled range. Definitely worth a visit but perhaps not on a Saturday night.
(What is Craft like?)
(This is what Craft is like)

(Plenty of choice)
(Seats for hipsters)

(Harrild & Son)
(Smart place)
 Also excellent is the new Brewdog at Shepherd’s Bush. It claims to have the largest craft beer selection in the country and with 40 on tap, it could well be right. BD bars seem to improve with each opening and this one, along with the usual exposed brickwork and corrugated stone, comes with more than the usual quota of comfy seating. Seems even hipsters like a seat. Or is that just a London thing? Service here was very good with a very engaging and knowledgeable barmaid. Which brings us onto Harrild & Sons on Farringdon Street. This is a new pub from the folk behind the Well & Bucket in Bethnal Green and gets its inspiration from the site being once the premises of Robert Harrild; a famous Fleet St printing press manufacturer. A smart place that ticks some of the boxes but although the staff were very helpful they seemed to lack (as yet) the knowledge to go with your craft pint. 


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