To London Once More We Rode

Another day, another tour round London. This time craft was definitely off the agenda. Why? Well because we were escorting Uncle Albert round. Now as he reaches for the defibrillator when prices reach £2 a pint and the only craft he thinks is in arts & craft, it was always going to be a more traditional crawl. First stop was the Royal Oak on Tabard St. This classic Victorian street corner boozer is of course Harvey’s only outlet in London and worth a visit on that basis alone. Next up was a visit to see how the other half live in Belgravia. The Grenadier should need no introduction: once the local of the Duke of Wellington, it has hosted celebrities such as Madonna and now Uncle Albert. Although smelling salts were needed when he saw the price of a pint of Landlord.
(First of many)

(The Grenadiers latest recruit)

Blackfriars station has had some £600M spent on it and very nice it looks too. Just as impressive is the Blackfriars pub which boasts some interesting Art Noveua designs. It’s amazing to think that such a splendid pub was set to be demolished in the 1960s and only intervention by the likes of John Betjeman saved it. And talking of historic pubs, just round the corner on Fleet St is the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Rebuilt after the Great Fire of 1666, this is a behemoth of a pub with a warren of rooms and cellars. Past patrons have included Dr Johnson and Charles Dickens and it reminded Uncle Albert of what pubs were like when he was a lad. The price of the Sam Smiths didn’t hurt, either.

(This pub is nearly as old as me)
(Look what I've bought)
From the historically large to the historically small. The Seven Stars on Carey St is a beautifully quirky establishment that dates back to 1606. Its close proximity to the Royal Courts of Justice ensures a steady stream of legal types celebrating or commiserating cases.  Legendary landlady Roxy Beaujolais keeps a regal eye on proceedings and those of you with longer memories will remember her once equally famous cat: Tom Paine. The Harp in Covent Garden is another rightly famous drinking institution that won CAMRA’s national Pub of the Year award in 2011. One turned into two etc., in there but we still managed to squeeze in the Euston Tap and managed some beer for the train home as well. A job well done said Uncle Albert. 


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