Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog This Is Lager

There could only be one choice for today’s breakfast tasting. Yes we’re going all topical, well it had to happen one day, with a taste of the beer that’s on everyone’s lips. Or will be from October if you’re a Spoons punter. I had so many people asking me what Brewdog’s new lager was like; it seemed only fair to actually try it. So here we go.

It's a 330ml bottle and is 4.7% which I would say is in the right ballpark, strength wise. Interestingly it's given the Brewdog spin by describing it as a "21st Century Pilsner". It poured a nice looking golden colour with plenty of carbonation and a large white fluffy head. The aroma was pleasant enough: a little bready with some sweet malt. The first thing that strikes you with the flavour is how smooth it is. There’s nothing here to make the horses bolt; perhaps somewhat surprising given the ‘10x hops’ tag. There’s the obvious Pilsner malt backbone with a little honey and a slight grassy dryness that leads to a bitter-sweet finish.

So overall a perfectly pleasant, if not earth-shattering beer. Served chilled on draught, it might just have the crisp edge it lacked in the bottle. They’ve not reinvented the wheel or even the Pilsner style, but it’s none the worse for that.

Tyson says: Will this see off the like of Carling and Tuborg? No/Yes/Possibly. See Brewdog Fake Lager for clues. 


Danny said…
Probably just 77 Lager rebranded.

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