Breakfast Beer Tasting: Kona Longboard

We’re keeping with the lager theme this morning with an island lager from Kona brewing. With the climate of Hawaii, you can easily imagine local surfers quenching their thirsty with one of these on a sun struck beach. I suppose the clue is in the name, but how does it fare in a (slightly) less exotic environment?

It’s a 120z bottle and comes in at 4.6% on the strength scale. It poured clear golden with plenty of carbonation and a medium off-white head. The aroma was very subtle with hints of sweet malt and honey. Taste wise; it was very light, almost watery, on the palate with some biscuit malt and a slight honeyed bitter-sweet finish. Personally I would have preferred a crisper, dryer finish.

Tyson says: Probably better suited to a beach in Hawaii than a backyard in Bury.


Cora Redding said…
It's a very good summer go to beer. The smell and hop characteristic is rather mild and not overwhelming , but still present. The beer has a wonderful pale golden color and it just screams "easy drinker" and that's why I like it. I wouldn't go with this beer if you live in a cooler climate, but here in sunny Florida its just what I drink daily. It's readily available too for a couple bucks more than bud light price. Go ahead and try it I recommend it.

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