Well it’s over for another year. Yes the dust has finally settled on the behemoth beer festival that is IndyMan. So many beers, so many thirds to sup. I was up and down to the bar more times than a bride’s nighty. If you were there then you’ll know how good it was. If you weren’t, then I won’t rub it in. In its third year now the festival, sorry convention, continues to expand and mature. Lessons were learnt from last year and everything that I saw seemed to run smoothly. There also seemed to be less broken glasses than last year: are people finally getting the hang of those dainty little measures? What was good…the beer, the company, the Brewdog bus (so I’m told) and of course the food from Honest Crust and Chaat Cart.
(Oh let's try this bar)

(Yummy Iced Tea Saison) 
The good: Arbor NS Bomb, Alechemy Citra Burst, Northern Monk Monacus NZ and Brewfist all really hit the taste spot. But this year, despite its relatively low profile, the best beers were to be found on cask. Tiny Rebel The Full Nelson Chardonnay BA beat off some tough competition to edge it with a complex and vinous treat.

The bad: There were some disappointing saisons with Partizan Iced Tea being particularly unspectacular. But Camden wins this category for the mess that was their Spiced Pumpkin Lager.

The ugly: Ultimately there could only be one winner. Step forward Against the Grain Killewitte. Described by Mr IndyMan himself, John Clarke, as smelling like sick, this smoked wheat beer tasted like smoked compost.

Only 360 days to next year’s event…


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