The Independent Salford Beer Festival

Build it and they will come was the mantra of Field of Dreams. And the Independent Salford Beer Festival, which started yesterday, adopted this positive message throughout its long and sometimes painful gestation period. Personally I would have gone for “Put beer on and they will sup it” but that’s probably why I’m not running a beer festival. Instead Jim, the blogging legend (he’ll be blushing) that is BeersManchester, ably assisted by some volunteers including his much better half and his arch-nemesis have put together a cracking festival to raise funds for St Sebastian’s Community Centre.

Think you can’t hold a beer festival in a community centre? Wrong. It’s a smart, very good venue. Think it’s hard to get to? Wrong. It’s just a bus ride away from central Manchester. Think the beer wouldn’t be any good? Wrong. It’s a very professional setup with and this is the pièce de résistance, some unusual and excellent beer. Talking of which, having tried 20 of the 35 on offer, these are my picks

Allgates Half Devil: This 3.3% Pale Ale is brewed with the Czech Kazbek hop for a soft, delicate mouth feel, refreshing pilsner-like taste that takes no account of strength. Possibly beer of the festival.
Five-Oh Sorachi Ace Stout. The only place to get this on cask. Get it while you can.
Five Towns Grounds for Divorce. Dangerous: that’s all I’m saying.
North Riding Brew Pub Fat Lad’s Mild. A 4.5% Mild? You know it makes sense.
Ringway Admiral Pale. This 3.5% wonder did what it said on the tin. Unfussy, clean and crisp; it really cleansed the palate. Possibly beer of the festival.
Seven Bro7hers IPA. Apparently too much for some people, this cemented its reputation as one of-if not THE best, local IPAs.

Well done to Jim and all his helpers and here’s to next year!


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