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A Visit To Brewsmith

Brewsmith may have not been brewing for long but they have already established themselves in the top tier of local, if not national, brewers. Indeed it’s hard to recall any brewery in recent times that has started off at such a high standard of quality and consistency. James (along with Jennifer and Ted) Smith has really gone for broke with a state-of-the-art 10 barrel plant based on an industrial estate in Stubbins.
Of course, having the right equipment is only half the story and then there is the little matter of being able to brew good beer. Although James claims to have to spend 70% of his time cleaning rather than brewing. Despite this or possibly because of it, his 4-core beer range has gathered an enviable reputation already. You can see why, despite the brewery technically being in Lancashire, the good folk of Ramsbottom have claimed it for their own. Why not try some of it out for yourself and see what the fuss is all about?

Thanks to James for hosting us and keeping the beer …

The Abel Heywood

The latest addition to Manchester’s N/4 has been open a full week now and so required an inspection by yours truly. Being the new kid on the block and it being Christmas (i.e. amateur drinkers hour) it was rammed to the rafters. The Abel Heywood, named after a famous former Manchester mayor, lies on the corner of Tuner and Red Lion St and was, until the mid-20th century, the Red Lion public house. Hydes brewery have spent a lot of money on it to transform it into a boutique hotel and pub. Downstairs is a large L-shaped room with a mix of booth seating and raised tables. Upstairs has a small drinking area to the left but is aimed squarely at formal dining. There are two handpumps upstairs and six downstairs. The pub opens at 7am for breakfast but drinkers have to wait until 11am before they can get a pint. It’s great to see a new pub open in the N/4 and given its location and if it delivers what it promises; it should do very well