Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog Brixton Porter

Dark nights and dark days. Yes, it’s winter. So tradition tells us to curl up with a good book and a dark beer or two. Tyson’s first timesaving tip for 2015: skip the book (literacy is overrated anyway-just ask Michael Gove) and go straight for the beer. This one was named in honour of the opening of Brewdog Brixton. Yes the one that didn’t open. No I don’t know what happened, either. I could tell you about the problems when they tried to open in Manchester? No? Back to the beer, then.

It’s the standard 330ml bottle and weighs in at a not too surprising 5%. It poured very dark-always a good sign-with very little light seepage. Carbonation was judged fair to middling with a relatively large; two finger tan head. The aroma is what you’d expect from Brewdog: bold and punchy. There’s a strong ground coffee presence with roast barley and a slight underlying caramel note. The mouthfeel seems initially quite smooth until the flavour profile kicks in. Again it’s big and bold. It’s a good mixture with the aroma continued but the caramel is substituted for a hoppy bitterness that lingers on into the dry finish.

Tyson says: Good stuff. The duality of the roast and bramling cross flavours really mash together well in order to produce a very easy on the palate Porter. 


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