Breakfast Beer Tasting: Siren Limoncello IPA

Today’s breakfast perk-me-up is a little bit special. For one thing it’s a 3-way tag team effort between three very highly rated breweries: Siren, Mikkeller and Hill Farmstead. Secondly it’s an adventurous stab at creating a beery version of the Italian sipping liqueur Limoncello. Sounds interesting, eh? Now I could tell you more but a picture paints a thousand words, as they say, so I’ll let this photo fill in some more background detail.
Ok, so it’s a 330ml bottle and is 9.1% by abv. Holy moley; I wasn’t expecting that but hey, it’s not like it’s breakfast time. It poured hazy burnt-amber/orange with soft carbonation and a one finger white laced topping. There was a powerful aroma of lemon, tangerine, orange peel along with a slight bready yeast and peppered nose. The flavour was as bold as the aroma: spicy lemon dominates-there must be plenty of Sorachi in here-along with a creamy sweetness offset by a sour tart edge. The tartness really comes through in the long, dry finish.
Tyson says: This technically isn’t an IPA. It’s only called that because of the quantity of hops that have gone into it. They have achieved their goal of creating a beer equivalent of Limoncello but the massive hop content actually marks it out as an easy drinking specialist DIPA. 


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