Breakfast Beer Tasting: Beavertown Bloody Ell (Can)

There really is no reason to have to introduce Beavertown. Their (well-deserved) reputation speaks for itself and their flagship ale, Gamma Ray, was recently voted the best craft beer in the UK. They were quick off the mark with canning (like garlic bread, it’s the future) and now the likes of Gamma Ray and Neck Oil catch the eye in craft beer fridges throughout the land. Their latest venture into the land of lightweight recyclables is their blood orange IPA: Bloody Ell. This was very well received in bottle, so the question was could the can improve on that?
It’s a 330ml can and comes in the bright cartoon style artwork that one associates with Beavertown. Befitting an IPA of character it weighs in at 7.2%. It poured a hazy orange/amber with just over a finger’s worth of bright white topping. One potential problem with the bottle was yeast residue floaters but no sign of that here. The aroma defines the term “zesty”; big, bold overtures of mango, passion fruit, peach etc. overlaid with a massive dose of freshly squeezed oranges.
The addition of blood oranges to the boil becomes even more evident in the body. The taste is uber fresh orange juice with a big dose of hops. This juxtaposition of flavours works wonderfully well to produce a pithy blend of juicy citrus and stone fruit flavours. It’s incredibly easy drinking fare and the piney, long-lasting bitter finish that lingers at the back of the throat adds even more to the experience.

Tyson says: Whoever said oranges are not the only fruit had obviously never tried this. The can blows the bottle away by delivering an incredibly fresh and eager-to-please beer.


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