Breakfast Beer Tasting: Thornbridge Jaipur X

Well true believers, today’s breakfast tipple promises to be a rare treat and no mistake. For we have the much anticipated, the much-hyped Jaipur X, no less. What the soap-on-a-rope hell is that, you may ask? It’s simple. Cast your minds back to 2005. Yes those more innocent and halcyon days when Jamie Oliver was battling Turkey Twizzlers and Prince Harry was amusing us by dressing up as a Nazi. Oh how we laughed. Anyway that was also the year that a certain beer was launched. Can you guess what it is yet? That’s right: Jaipur. And to celebrate the anniversary of that now iconic brand Thornbridge are releasing Jaipur X. X=10, you see. And you thought it meant eXtra strong.
But enough twaddle, let’s get to the beer. It’s 10% (doh) and comes in a surprisingly well endowed 500ml sized bottle. Take that you 330ml craft bottle wankers. It poured light-golden with good carbonation and a one finger white topping. The aroma is very rich and enticing. Lots of citrus: pineapple, lime, grapefruit were easily detectable with perhaps a little bit of lychee as well. Taste wise, it’s a well-balanced act of a medium-body being matched by plenty of flavour. The aroma profile continues into the taste but you’ve also got some honey and lemon in the mix and what appears to me to be Lady Grey tea.

This is a strong beer and there’s no escaping that. Initially the great hop burst that you receive tends to blank everything else out but then you do get the slightly sweet boozy aftertaste. But it’s none the worse for that and carries its strength remarkably well. It really is a jet infused version of Jaipur and rather a marvellous feat of brewing.

Tyson says: It’s Jaipur, Jim, but not as we know it. 


Curmudgeon said…
I've seen a report that Thornbridge are planning a switch to 330ml bottles for all their range, which I doubt will meet with your approval.
Tyson said…
Outrageous. Merely pandering to weak bladdered fanboys.

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