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Cloudwater Launch @PSBH

With these words and a barrage of fireworks to brighten the darkened Mancunian sky, Cloudwater Brewery was finally unleashed on the masses on Monday night. Ok there were no fireworks. Why weren’t there any fireworks? I don’t know. Possibly because I wasn’t involved in the launch. Had I been, there would have been fireworks. Lots of. And big, bright lasers like at a Jean Michel Jarre concert. And possibly a large inflatable elephant holding an umbrella. Oh well. What we did get was a highly anticipated evening at Port Street Beer House that not only gave us the chance to sample some of their beers but a trip to the brewery as well. Now unless you have been living in beer-ignoramus land since last year-and you wouldn’t be reading this if you had-you’ll have heard all about Cloudwater. Consisting of Paul Jones, Will France, Al Wall, Emma Cole and James Campbell, most of who are well known locally, they bring a wealth of knowledge and idealism to an ambitious project. Although the “c” word…