Breakfast Beer Tasting: Donnington Double Donn

Due to a special request, yes really, this morning’s foray into the bottled wonders of the beer world is another Donnington Brewery effort. This one presents itself as more traditional than its Gold stablemate and is made with Styrian Goldings and Fuggles. It’s dedicated to Claude Arkell, the owner of Donnington, who died in 2007.
It’s a 500ml bottle and comes in at 4.4%. It poured a traditional copper-hued with good carbonation and a weak tan head that quickly dissolved. The aroma is nutty with sweet malt and, surprisingly, a touch of orange rind. It’s medium-bodied with plenty of caramel and toffee notes and a slight earthiness. The cereal malt undertone is balanced by a bitter-sweet, slightly citrus fruit finish.

Tyson says: It’s hard to get too excited about this beer and it's not one I’d choose to slug all night down the Dog & Duck. However, it’s a solid effort from the days of pre-craft and if the aim was to produce a beer that a traditionalist such as Claude Arkell would like; then in that respect they’ve succeeded. 


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