Breakfast Beer Tasting: Gypsy Inc Soft Focus

Bloody foreign beers. They come over here taking up our shelf space and stop honest-to-goodness beers brewed in the shadow of the Union Jack being sunk by British bulldog types. In the words of that legendary band Half A Shilling, we should: “send the buggers back, send the buggers back”. But you know, now that they’re here, we might as well drink them. I mean think of the environmental cost in shipping them all back home. The polar bears have nowhere to sit as it is.
Ok so this is a cheeky little number from Danish brewers Gypsy Inc. What do you mean; you’ve never heard of them? The clue is in their name and in fact this was brewed at De Proefbrouwerij. It’s a 33cl bottle, comes in at 4.7% and is described thus: “Soft Focus is a Wheat Ale crazed up with Amarillo and Tettnanger hops. Flowerful notes from the wheat create a harmonious blend with the hops and add aromas of freshly pressed citrus fruits and elderflowers. It is bright, beautiful and the perfect choice for a day at the beach.”

It poured a cloudy burnt orange with a large white head. The aroma was a little grassy, definite notes of wheat and malt with some orange citrus and a little spice in there as well. The body was light and from the start, refreshing on the palate. A light underbody of wheat and subtle floral note is matched by a lemon sorbet and orange peel zestiness that leads to a satisfyingly dry, citrus fruit driven finish.

Tyson says: Excellent. Don’t say: “Send the bugger back”. Do say: “Send it over here, old boy, it’s rather tasty”. 


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