Breakfast Beer Tasting: Brewdog Vote Sepp

Today’s little aperitif is a special little number from those pesky little Brewdog fellas. Actually I’m feeling rather pleased with myself as a guy in the pub last night wanted to sell me a crate of these at a knock down rate. But I insisted on paying full price. You can’t catch me out like that, no sir. Anyway, apparently, this was Brewdog’s attempt to bribe Sepp Blatter into giving Scotland the 2022 World Cup. But the joke’s on them, isn’t it? As Sepp himself will tell you, his international reputation for integrity and honesty is second to none. You’re no more likely to find his hand in the till than you are to find a Russian athlete who’s a drug cheat.
The bottle is the usual 330ml and is 3.4%. On the back it states: “Vote Sepp, an incorruptible hibiscus wit beer in honour of our tireless football führer, Mr Blatter.  Best served from brown paper envelopes to aid drinking with greased palms, one sip of this beer and Sepp will be putty in our hands”. It was very lively and poured fairly (for Brewdog) clear amber with a pink tint and a large off-white head. Given the hibiscus, it’s not a surprise that the aroma is big on floral notes. There’s also some bread and red berries there as well but it doesn’t really hit you as a traditional Wit.

It’s easy on the palate, but once again you’re struck by the lack of Wit characteristics. There’s no bready-dough yeastiness and you have to really delve quite far down to get the wheat hit. Saying that, it’s not unpleasant and once you get over the fact that Brewdog have produced a mild beer, there is little to find offence with. With no real backbone to underpin it, the lasting impression is of a slightly fruity-cranberry, perhaps, beer with an ever so slight tart finish.

Tyson says: “Like the great man himself, this is an easy-going, well-balanced beer that no one could find much wrong with”. 


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