Breakfast Beer Tasting: CREW Republic Detox

Today we step off this great sceptred isle and head for sunny Munich. Yes, Germany. Now I will let you into a little secret. The Germans brew beer. Quite a lot of it, actually. I know; get out of here, right? No they honestly do. And some of it ain’t bad. Ok it will never replace quality stuff like John Smiths Smooth in the hearts of the British bulldogs. But if you’re ever over there, put down that pint of Guinness, get out of that Oirish pub and try some of the local brew in some of their splendid beer palaces.

To be fair, you’re probably not very likely to come across CREW Republic in too many places. The traditional nature of the German beer scene-the very thing that makes it so appealing-has somewhat stifled the microbrewing scene. Or rather it had. Recent years have seen an expansion, albeit it not on the scale of some other European countries. Mario Hanel and Timm Schnigula formed CREW Republic to be part of this new wave. And certainly their beers and general business approach has more in common with the American model rather than traditional German practices.
But is the beer any good? Well it’s a 330ml bottle and is 3.4%. It’s described thus: “Is it time to Detox? Detox is a Session India Pale Ale and boasts a big hop aroma that satisfies ones need for a hop fix!!! Our idea of a session beer means that it’s a lower alcohol version of one of our favorite beer styles without having to compromise on flavor. This unfiltered light gold colored elixir has a much lighter body and less bitterness than its big brother counterpart, however delivers the entire hop experience one expects from an IPA.The two main hops in this beer are Comet from the Hallertau and Galaxy from Australia. The fruity aromas in these two hops compliment one another very well and we even used a new hopping technique for the first time in Detox.The CREW enjoys drinking this one a lot all day and it’s our favorite beer as soon as someone fires up the grill”.

It poured a hazy light-orange with a large, creamy, white head. The aroma was very appealing. Very little malt but plenty of sweet citrus notes. I think the Chinook is probably responsible for the slight floral aspect whilst I’m guessing the Galaxy is more impacting the tropical side. Good use of the Pilsner malt means it’s very clean on the palate and tastes very fresh. Lots of tangerine and grapefruit along with a little sherbet lemon. The finish is a medium level mix of tart orange and lemon dryness.

Tyson says: Punches well above its weight. This is a bit of a wunderkind. Prost!


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