Rudy's Pizza

Rudy’s hasn’t been open for long but has already carved out a name for itself for knocking out some of (for my money, the best) pizzas in Manchester city centre. For anyone who has followed the pop-up street food trend that has swept the city in recent years or perhaps attended some indie beer event, the name will be familiar. Started by Jim Morgan and Kate Wilson: the name refers to their young dog, in case you were wondering, with the aim of bringing the Neapolitan pizza experience to Manc land. Of course to do that, you need more than just Italian ingredients and a wood-fired oven. It all comes down to the dough; in this case it’s a 48-hour dough-making process in which it is double-proved and hand kneaded to retain air bubbles. The result is an exquisitely light pizza that makes you feel as if you could immediately eat another. And some people do exactly that. Although, obviously,  I don’t know anyone like that.
Ancoats is an up and coming spot on the Manchester hipster map and Rudy’s have landed at a prime location on Cotton St. The Fairbairn Building which hosts them overlooks Cutting Room Square and is positioned directly opposite Halle St Peters. The regeneration of the former mills in this part of town has really gathered pace and apartment developments are all the rage. Some of the signs of a hipster neighbourhood-artisan coffee and bread hangouts-are already in place and more are due to open. Sadly the much vaunted re-opening of the former Edinburgh Castle pub has fallen through meaning that there is still a gap in essential services. However, with the Seven Bro7hers brewery planning to move in and Port Street Beer House only five minutes away, it’s not a real hardship.

Rudy's is open Tues 17.00-22.00, Wed-Sat 12.00-22.00 and Sun 12.00-18.00. Kitchen closed 3pm-5pm everyday except Sunday. They also sell some excellent bottled beer by the likes of Runaway and Cloudwater. 


Anonymous said…
That's really helpful info on Ancoats - I keep cutting through Radium and Bengal Streets on way to the Etihad, seeing new things each time. Didn't know Seven Bro7thers - good news. That pizza looks good, though it's the Honest Crust one I remember fondly from IndyMan.
Tyson said…
If you like Honest Crust, you'll enjoy Rudy's.

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