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Thornbridge Brewery will no doubt need no introduction to my thousands of readers, but here’s a quick recap anyway. It started life in 2005 as a modest 10 barrel plant in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall in the heart of the Peak District. And like many new breweries it promised to blend traditional brewing with a modern twist. But, unlike many breweries, it actually succeeded in doing so and quickly gained a following for the quality of its beers. Indeed there is a case (endorsed naturally by the brewery) that they were the first UK craft brewery. They certainly made a big impact with Jaipur, their flagship ale, and rapidly made their presence felt.
Fast forward to 2009 and the opening of a new 30 barrel plant at the Riverside Business Park in Bakewell. The old brewery is still in operation but is used to develop smaller batches of new or seasonal beers. Now having had a butchers’s at the old setup, when offered the opportunity to have a gander at the fancy new one, who was I to refuse?…