Breakfast Beer Tasting: O'so Hop Whoopin

Sleepy head get out of bed
Big bad world is calling
Step in your shoes and catch the news
It's another morning

And we all know what another morning means. Yes, that’s right, another beer. It’s back across the pond today; all the way to the Badger State: Wisconsin. O’so Brewing are a new one on me, but although you don’t see much of them in the UK, they have been around for ten years. So plenty of time to build up a reputation.

S.M.A.S.H (Single Malt And Single Hop) beers are all the rage in some circles but this is a variation on that theme. It’s a Single Malt And Several Hops beer. As the name suggests, it’s a hop-driven (95 IBU) IPA. It’s a 12oz bottle and tips the scale at a fighting fit 7%.

It poured with reasonable carbonation and settled as a hazy, light golden, ale with a one-finger, frothy, off-white head. First impressions are that it’s lighter in colour than many other American IPAs.  The aroma was light with fresh notes of apricot, Seville oranges, lemon and a little bit of bread in the background.

It drinks easy on the palate. Alcohol content is disguised well with only the slightly biscuit/caramel malt backbone giving it away as a stronger beer. Interestingly less of the aroma profile comes through in the first swig. No oranges but plenty of grapefruit and plenty of the classic C hops profile. There’s lemon, gooseberry and a floral spiciness that comes through on the second gulp.

The initial slightly sweet fruitiness gives way to a pine infused middle that quickly dries out. The hop bitterness then hits you in a very (if you’re a hophead) satisfying smack in the back of the throat. A muliti-layered and very satisfying experience.

Tyson says: This is a very well crafted, old school, IPA. Plenty of the refreshing, easy to drink, flavours that you look for in this style. Definitely the kind of beer where one bottle is just the warm up. 


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