Breakfast Beer Tasting: Crew Republic Drunken Sailor

Hello Sunday. Hello beer. Yes, the two do go well together, don’t they? Like Abbott and Costello or Stephen Hawking and Jeremy Hunt. But enough of this frivolity. Down to the serious bit: sampling the goods. It’s our old German compadres once again; Crew Republic and this time it’s an IPA. Well what better day to worship the sacred hop than on a day of worship?

It’s a 0.33L bottle and tips the scale at 6.4%. The triple base malt consists of Pilsener, Munich and the dreaded Crystal. Hopefully not too much of that; a little goes a long way. Hop wise, we have Herkules, Citra, Cascade and Simcoe. Well on paper it certainly looks the part. It poured a quite hazy amber, almost mahogany, with a two finger off-white head and good carbonation.

The aroma was of the middleweight variety. Plenty of peach and apricot with a little pine and maybe pink grapefruit? There’s also a large sweet malt/biscuit punch there as well. It’s medium bodied with an initial taste dominated by the sweet malt and light citrus notes. Some bitterness does come through with the second gulp as the hops do their thing, but there is a little too much sweet fruitiness that, combined with the malt, stops it drying out properly.

If you were expecting, as I was, a dry-bitter finish, then you’re in for a disappointment. Despite being rated at 58 IBUs, the finish, like the initial taste, erred on the wrong side of sweet. Now ok, IBU has to be taken in context and isn’t quite as straightforward as it makes out, but it generally points you in the right direction.

Tyson says: Not a bad beer by any means. However, it doesn’t really live up to its promise and the whole is somehow less than the sum of its parts.


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