Breakfast Beer Tasting: Camba Bavaria Ei Pi Ai

Back to the foreign stuff today. What, I hear you say. The country is in free-fall, post-Brexit, with beer and cheese prices soaring and the pound not worth an Uzbek's arse-wipe. Now's the time to pull up those Union Jack braces and stop messing around with that foreign muck. Be that as it may, today we get to see what old Fritz can do.

The lads from Camba Bavaria knock out some very decent stuff and this comes highly recommended. It's a 330ml bottle and being an Imperial IPA comes in at 8%. The hop content: Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Citra looks good and promises to deliver a mouth watering 62 IBUs.

It poured a hazy golden-orange with good carbonation and a reasonable one-finger frothy white head. The aroma was pungent and fruity. Lots of ripe oranges, grapefruit, lychee with a slight underlying floral/honey note. Plenty of flavour with this one; heavy citrus notes, pineapple, lemon, kind of like an unsweetened fruit salad really. Well balanced with very little trace of the underlying alcohol. Not overly bitter, this is definitely a fruity IPA that has a pleasing dry edge that offsets the initial fruit burst.

Tyson says: Straight into the premier league of IPAs for this heavy hitter. Refreshes, cleans the palate, refreshes, cleans the palate and so on. Basically too good for the likes of you. 


Tabitha said…
Love the sound of the citrus flavours in this one - notes of lychee sound intriguing too!

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