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All roads lead to Chesterfield. Actually no they don't, but that's what the locals say. Actually they say that all roads lead out of Chesterfield but, for the sake of literary licence, let's pretend otherwise. Chesterfield is the birthplace of such luminaries as Barbara Castle, Sir John Hurt, Spycatcher author Peter Wright and, erm, Princess Di's rock, Paul Burrell. Well you can't win them all.

For our purposes it's fame mainly rests on the Brampton Mile. As the name suggests; this is a mile stretch running on or near to Chatsworth Road that boasts a dozen or so pubs. Of course many towns at one time or another could boast of something similar-locally we had the Rammy Mile-but these are few and far between now. Indeed, according to the locals, the Brampton Mile at one time stretched to 24 pubs but it is still pretty well-endowed. As is Chesterfield as a whole, actually.

Chesterfield was, for some reason, one of the few recommended pub crawls unknown to yours tr…