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Wyldes Refurbishment

Wyldes sits on the corner of Bolton St and Market Place in the centre of Bury. When it first opened, it was a flagship Holts pub. It sold Mild, Bitter and, revolutionary for the time, guest beers. It offered all day dining and sports TV. However, the wheels soon began to come off. The guest beers were too expensive for the regular Holts drinkers and quality suffered. This in turn deterred the casual drinker from going in and slowly both Mild and the guest beers disappeared from the bar.

I wrote about its woes back in 2008 and the years in-between havem't been kind. Pub trade in the centre is fiercely compettitve and it's had more lows than highs. It didn't get to grips with Wetherspoons on the food side, failed to build up a weekday trade and relied too heavily on the weekend late night music-led crowd. It was looking dark and tired and even the TV picture was poor.

Now however; as part of Holts estate refurbishment, it has had a long overdue makeover and reopened last wee…

Holding Out For A Hero

Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn And I dream of what I need
Cask is dead. Cask is the future. Cask is dead. Cask is the future. Or so we've been hearing over the last 50 years. The latest rival that promised to sound the death knell for cask was evil keg filth. Or craft as its purveors prefer to call it. It was cool, hip, daddio. While cask was old fashioned and for squares. And sold too cheap, apparently, although I'd avoid saying that around Uncle Albert. 
Isn't there anyone out there who can save cask from a slow and painful death? Where's the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Enter Cloudwater. Who along with Brewdog (they don't count as they seem to be a bit of a joke these days) have gone back to the future and are producing cask once more. This has come as something of a surprise to some crafties who didn't realise that they had ever made the stuff but ho-hum. 
Anyway this takes us to the scene o…