Manchester Breakfast Beer Tasting: Track Listening Wind

Back on track today. Geddit? Track. See what I did there? Oh forget it. Yes we are once more back at the coalface with yet another pale ale from Track Brewing. Different strength and a different take on it than Sonoma as this mixes Citra with Strata and Sabro. Sabro is a new hop that is touted as the “new Citra”. What's wrong with the old Citra, I hear you say. As usual we'll let the beer do the talking.
One quick note on why I chose this beer. It's the name. It's the name of a Talking Heads song and having checked with Track, it's no coincidence. So top marks for esoteric labelling. Have I told you about the time I saw Talking Heads and an unknown little Irish band called U2 were their warm up act? But for now, back to the beer.

It's 5.4% and comes in the usual 440ml can. It poured a hazy gold with a good off-white head. The aroma was quite blended but had tangerine, nectarine and some lemon sherbet to it. Body was firm and textured. Peach, lemon as well as grapefruit and guava. There is a heft of the underlying alcohol but that disappears with the bitter-sweet, dry finish. Quite smooth and fruity overall but not as crisp as I personally would have liked.


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